GTA 5 Modded Accounts Tier-1

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£35.00 £30.00

GTA 5 Modded Accounts are the copy of the game that has been modded by us. These Accounts come with the copy of the game and with recoveries done on them.

✔Cash : 200 Million Banked Amount
✔Rank : 300+
✔Unlocks : All
✔Stats : All Maxed
✔Custom K/D
✔Warranty Included
✔Email/Password changing options


GTA 5 Modded Accounts Tier-1[PC ONLY]
  • 💸 Cash : 200 Million Banked Money
  • 💸 Rank:  300+
  • 🌐 Stats: All Maxed
  • Warranty Included
  • 🔓 Unlocks:
         – 🔓 All Weapons Unlocked
         – 🔓 All Weapon Skins Unlocked
         – 🔓 All Tattoos Unlocked
         – 🔓 All Heists Unlocked
         – 🔓 All Heist Trophies
         – 🔓 All Heist Vehicles unlocked
         – 🔓 All Hairstyles Unlocked
         – 🔓 All clothing Unlocked
         – 🔓 All DLC clothing Unlocked
         – 🔓 Los Santos Customs unlocked
         – 🔓 All achievements Unlocked
    – 🔓 Bunker Unlocks

         – 🔓 Max snacks

         – ❌ Remove Bad Sports and Reports

         – 🔓 Custom Modded Outfit

         – 🔓 Ban Warranty 

How does it work ?

  • Checkout :When you purchase a GTA 5 Modded Account from us, you’ll get the login information emailed to you. This will include username, email and password for a Rockstar social Club account. You also get full access to the email itself, so you fully own the modded account yourself. These are the SC version of the game GTA 5 that has  GTA 5 Recovery Services done on them.


  • Download the game: When you have your login information ready, go to Rockstars website and log in with the information we provided. When you’re logged in, it’s time to download GTA V. If you already have it installed, skip this step.On Rockstars website, navigate to Settings > Game Download and choose Grand Theft Auto V.


  • Install the game and Enjoy: When the GTA V installer has finished, run it and start the GTA V game install. There will be instructions provided from Rockstar if there is any confusion. Once GTA V has finished installing, you will be prompted with a login button. This is where you once again use the information we provided in email.That’s it! Now you can enjoy GTA V on your fully modded account.

Is this legit?

Yes we are 100% Legit GTA 5 recovery Service that provide GTA 5 Modded Lobbies, GTA 5 Recovery Service and GTA 5 Modded Accounts. You can check our proof of work.

What is ban Warranty ?:

Though our method of modding is ban proof, but for your peace of mind we have included 1 week ban Warranty in the Modded Accounts . Under this warranty you will get a brand new modded account if somehow you get banned.
To claim you warranty you are required to send sufficient proof of the bans with screenshots.

4 reviews for GTA 5 Modded Accounts Tier-1

  1. Adam

    I purchased Modded account Tier-1 two days ago and I got the delivery within few hours after ordering, the account had everything that was promised.
    Overall whole process went smooth. 10/10.

  2. Josh

    Amazing service! I’ve got what i wanted!

  3. The Poop That Took A Pee

    Was worried this could be a scam so bought a modded account instead of providing my existing account. Turned out to be completely legit, would recommend.

  4. Alexander (verified owner)

    At first glance I was skeptical, till it worked and I was blown out of the universe. Discord support is as humerus as they are legitimately useful. *insert thumbs up here*

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