Tier -1 ( 64 Tick Server, 30 Days 10 Slots )


  • CS:GO server – 64 Ticks
  • 98% up time
  • Custom Plugins
  • Custom Game Mods
  • Regions : EU,US,East Asia


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) server hosting
With your own Counter Strike Global Offensive server you can enjoy the successor of Counter-Strike Source on high performance servers with with fast internet connection.

The right hardware for your server
With a CSGO server, you can enjoy the game on dedicated hardware. High-performance CPUs from Intel combined with a lot of memory in order to ensure a smooth flow of the game – even with many other players on the server. This hardware combined with a fast Internet connection allow a lag free and low latency gaming experience.

Professional CS GO Server for high demands Professionals

With your own Counter Strike Global Offensive server you benefit of your own configuration that exactly matches your requirements. You play in leagues like the ESL or 4PL? Then the preinstalled cfg configurations can help rapidly implement the requirements of these organizations. At the same time you can rent your own TeamSpeak 3 server in order to chat with your friends via voice chat – in the highest quality and without affecting the flow of the game on the server. One way to protect the server is via password, where only players that know the password can connect.

To order full customized server contact us at : [email protected]


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